Honda Concept D Price

Honda Concept D would be a very good addition to the world market. Honda Concept D hit the world stage and market during the 2015 Shanghai International Moto Show which took place from the 22nd to the 29th April 2015 in Shanghai, PRC. This was the opportunity for the manufacturer to present the concept of this vehicle. However, the manufacturer has not revealed any reliable data regarding the potential release of this SUV for sales around the globe. This announcement is expected to take place during the end of 2015 or even during the beginning of 2016.

Honda Concept D Price

Honda D

Since we are talking about the model which has been presented as a concept, then it is not surprise at all that there are not reliable predictions regarding the price of this SUV. It is believed that the manufacturer would present the final price lists during the upcoming months in 2015 even though rumors predict that the projected price would be about $21 000 for the base model.


Honda D Concept

There is absolutely no doubt that Honda Concept D is very modern and aesthetically pleasing in terms of the exterior design. This can be best seen from its smooth and very aerodynamic lines. Furthermore, there would be LED headlights and taillights which would only increase this effect. The SUV would most certainly have four doors, and there is a prediction that the manufacturer would also offer an optional panorama roof.

Honda Concept D Interior


Also, the interior of Honda Concept D would be very elegant and modern since it would be made from the finest materials and fabrics. Also, the manufacturer would also add a lot of safety options and high-tech accessories.

Engine and Transmission

During the official presentation of this SUV, nothing was said about potential engine options for Honda Concept D. However, it is firmly believed that the manufacturer would most surely include very powerful and reliable engine options in order to satisfy the needs and preferences of both the market and potential customers. The only speculation which is hovering above the production of this SUV is the statement that this SUV would have both the front-wheel driving system and the four-wheel driving system. This feature would be very important since this would be more than useful for difficult terrains and harsh weather conditions. Also, it is speculated that the SUV’s engine would most probably be paired with the automatic transmission, but it is not know how many speeds that transmission would have. The thing which would be also very important for the manufacturer and potential customers would be the acceleration rate of this car. Namely, it disbelieved that this SUV would have very good acceleration rate and that it would be able to reach 60 mph in only 8.5 seconds. Furthermore, the maximum speeds of this SUV is predicted to be about 125 mph. Moreover, the manufacturer would also invest a lot of resources in order to make this SUV have reduced fuel consumption and reduced air pollution.

We are only left to wait for official and final data regarding Honda D Concept.

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