2016 Honda RC213V-S Price Review

There are a lot of sports bikes on the market which share some technologies with those competing in the MotoGP series such as suspensions systems and even engines in some cases. However, Honda wanted to take this a step further so they developed the 2016 Honda RC213V-S, a road version of the MotoGP sports bike. While this may not sound like something special, the road bike is pretty much identical and it actually shares components rather than technologies with the MotoGP bike, meaning it is the closest thing anyone can buy to a competition model.

2016 Honda RC213V-S Price

2016 Honda RC213V-S


As you would expect from such a motorcycle, the price is something a bit special as well. In the US, the model costs nearly $185,000 and it has already been sold out. There are rumors that Honda will build more bikes but these have not been confirmed just yet. In Europe on the other hand, the bike can still be had for the equivalent of $200,000 or little over that while the Europe-only competition package will set you back another $20,000 more. Just as we said, it has already been released and sold out in some cases and it is a MotoGP bike for the road.

Honda RC213V-S

As you would expect from such a special motorcycle, there are a lot of special features to it. Firstly, it comes with 17 inch magnesium wheels, carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes that should work better on the track rather than on the road, Ohlins front and rear suspension system with different adjustable levels, carbon fiber body with a high strength aluminum and carbon fiber core. All of these make for a lightweight bike that can not only run on the open road but also race without any problems. There are a few different engine modes available, slick or street tires as well as a single color scheme which is similar to the MotoGP bike.

2016 Honda RC213V-S Price Engine


In terms of engine, the 2016 Honda RC213V-S makes use of a special 90 degree V4 999cc engine with a cast aluminum crankcase, titanium connecting rods, high performance pistons and a lightweight head. These allow the engine to make over 200 horsepower in the European trim level and 101 horsepower in the US because it has to be limited to 9,400 rev while in Europe it can go to the full 14,000 and over revs. There is an under the seat fuel tank inspired by that of the competition bike and it does have a wider than usual steering angle which should be really helpful during races on tight road circuits in which speed is not that important.

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