2016 Honda Motorcycle

Honda is well known as one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the World, offering everything from basic scooters all the way up to high performance bikes. Not too long ago, a new 2016 Honda Motorcycle launch has been announced which has been said to include three different new models which are all meant to come on the market at roughly the same time. These three are very different when it comes to engine, size and even purpose. However, all share the same basic trait. These three will likely be the leaders of their class when they are going to be launched in the late 2015.

2016 Honda Motorcycle – Honda Pioneer

2016 Honda Pioneer

Let’s start with the first one of the three, the 2016 Honda Pioneer which is more of an all terrain vehicle and leisure activity machine. This is based on an ATV chassis, so it features all the usual ATV traits like great suspension with a really long travel, quite powerful engines and one of the best four wheel drive systems in the business.

Honda Pioneer

Unlike the older models which were only available with two different engines, the 2016 Honda Pioneer will arrive on the market with three different powertrains. All of them will use the usual four wheel drive system with front and rear lockable differentials and all of them will feature basic commodities such as an automatic gearbox or electric power steering. The base model is the 500 which offers a single cylinder engine that will provide around 40 horsepower. The bigger unit will be the 675 which will offer more torque but a similar amount of power while the top of the range model, the Pioneer 1000, is going to get a different 2 cylinder engine that will offer two times as much torque as the other two.

The base 500 model will only come with cloth doors and a plastic windshield while the top of the range 1000 will come with a glass windshield, steel or carbon fiber doors, up to five seats and even a roof.

2016 Honda Motorcycle – Honda NM4

2016 Honda NM4 motorcycle

The second bike that will launch at the 2016 Honda Motorcycle launch will be the 2016 Honda NM4. This has just been launched at the end of 2014 as a high performance cruiser and it is going to be further upgraded this year.

The bike comes with an unconventional design with a really comfortable riding position but with a similar look to a high performance bike. Unlike the Pioneer which starts at just over $8,000, the NM4 can be had for right around $11,000 for the base model while options such as a windscreen, a backrest or even new colors can bump to price right around $13,000 which is a bit higher than some of its competitors.

2016 Honda NM4

The good part about the NM4 though is that it might just be the perfect companion for long trips. The suspension is very comfortable and controllable, the engine is very powerful for its class as well as very fuel efficient. The 670cc liquid cooled inline-2 can provide nearly 61 MPG on average, all without sacrificing any performance.

2016 Honda Motorcycle – Honda Forza

2016 Honda Forza

The last 2016 Honda Motorcycle we’re going to take a look at is the Honda Forza which has been announced to come with quite a few upgrades over the 2015 model. It seems that Honda will give their high performance scooter a few upgrades to the safety department where the 2016 Forza will come with a standard ABS system while the more premium versions will even receive traction control which could make them perfect not just for the city but also for short to medium journeys outside the city walls. On top of that, the 279cc engine will see might improvements to its injection system so it should now get past 70 MPG on average with ease.

History of Honda Motorcycle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Honda_motorcycles

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