2016 Honda Insight

The Insight is the smaller brother of the Prius, so it is only natural that it inherited a similar drivetrain and also a similar interior. Unlike the Prius though, the 2016 Honda Insight is going to be a much better looking car that will make use of new technologies in order to pull ahead of its competitors. The new model will be a brand new car over the previous one which was withdrawn from the market in the early 2014.

Honda Insight 2016

2016 Honda Insight review

The release date for the new Insight is expected to be somewhere in 2016, most likely in the mid-2016 when it will be released at a base price of around 17.000 to 18.000 dollars in order to stay competitive. Even though its main competitors are all diesel powered cars, the Insight will remain a pure hybrid that will make use of Honda’s new engines which debuted earlier this year.

Interior of new Insight model

2016 Honda Insight interior

Its interior will most likely be completely updated and from the early press releases, it is going to feature a similar layout to the current Accord, even though it is a small car. Expect a lot of good materials as standard such as soft to the touch plastic, leather on the steering wheel and the control knob for the gearbox and also premium cloth upholstery. The car is also highly likely to get an eight inch screen for the satellite navigation system as standard which will also display different information about the car’s status.


Honda Insight

On the outside there aren’t many details and from the early renders we can see a more aggressive car than before. It will most likely make use of the Civic platform, so expect similar dimensions to the Civic sedan. This won’t mean that the running gear will be the same though. Honda is planning on giving it a new one which will be a lot more comfortable than the Civic as well as it will allow the driver to be more aggressive in the corners when he wants to.

2016 Honda Insight engine

Engine wise, the 2016 Honda Insight is likely to feature one of the two following options. It is either going to get the same basic powertrain as the new Fit or it is going to get a brand new one designed specifically for it. The one coming from the Fit is a 1.5 liter Atkinson cycle engine from the new generation coupled to an electric motor and a CVT transmission. This will be good for more than 39 MPG on average and it will provide up to 140 horsepower. The other options should be a smaller 1.3 liter engine with a sightly more powerful electric motor and a new dual clutch 7 speed gearbox. This entire unit will provide up to 44 to 46 MPG with a maximum power of just over 130 hp.

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