2016 Honda CBR500R Release Date

Honda is one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the World and they managed to get out on the market some of the most impressive bikes out there. The 2016 Honda CBR500R is one of these, a replacement for the 2015 model which has just been released a few weeks ago and it is expected to go on sale in the early 2016. The bike comes with quite a few improvements over the older model both inside and out and it is meant to offer its customers a more usable power band while being more comfortable to use on a daily basis without looking dull.

2016 Honda CBR500R Price

2016 Honda CBR500R


In fact, the 500R looks on par with the sportier 600R and the high performance 1000R hyper-bikes, a really nice feature to have on a bike which will start at just over $6,000 and around $6,600 for the one equipped with the ABS braking system. Just like before, the 2016 Honda CBR500R will come with a one year warranty with unlimited mileage which is great for the price.


Honda CBR500R

The engine of the 2016 Honda CBR500R is a V-twin which may not offer the highest amount of power at its 471cc but it does offer a really usable torque curve which is certainly going to impress and make a lot of people happy. This should allow the bike to be driven on a daily basis and thanks to the good amount of torque available at really low down the rev range, this sporty looking bike could even become a great daily commuter. The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox which is said to be smoother than the one on the 2015 model. Other changes include better fuel economy mostly thanks to a new exhaust system which will offer more torque and also thanks to a set of better tires. The size of the tank is the same as before at 4.4 gallons which should be enough for most people.

2016 Honda CBR500R Design

The design of the 2016 Honda CBR500R also changed a bit over the 2015 model. The shell has been updated so it is more aerodynamic while offering its rider more space for its legs. The rear received different tail lights which take up less space and are more visible while the muffler is all new. This has been noted to deliver a better, richer sound, while being smaller than before. The handlebars have been moved lower as well to offer a better riding position and the seating position has been adjusted accordingly. The only problem will be that the bike still does not offer an adjustable seating position so it may prove to be uncomfortable for some people.

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