2015 Honda CBR300R

I love Honda bikes the reason is they are best in stylish, performance and made of quality features. This article is about 2015 Honda CBR300R that is getting attraction of new generation bike lovers. The new CBR300R is a powerful bike with narrow, flick and light weight. There are countless features in this bike and some of them are described in this note.

new 2015 Honda CBR300R


This bike has the excellent fuel saving technology. It is friendly and easy to ride that means anybody can enjoy the ride of CBR300R. 2015 CBR300R is lower in price than previous models of Honda. However, we will discuss the price details below in this note. The bike is having a single – cylinder engine with the height of 30.7 inch seat. The weight is nearly 357 pounds and balance of bike is best in top speed as well. The fuel injection method gives good mileage to the CBR300R. The double cams and a counter balance are few more features added in this bike. Nowadays companies are using the ABS system in bikes so as Honda is having a similar feature in CBR300R. The Anti-lock brake system helps the riders to balance the bike in bad road conditions too.

2015 CBR300R first ride

2015 Honda CBR300R Colors

Honda is designing their bikes after a long research. The color of CBR bikes has been always key factors for attraction and the same thing applies here as well. The available colors of this bike are black, red, Matte black yellow and Pearl white with the combination of red and blue.


Counterbalance shaft, neat and low seat, under seat storage, separate passenger seat, pro-link rear suspension, ABS, disc brakes, super sport style headlight, fuel injection, digital meter and single cylinder are few best features of this bike.

2015 Honda CBR300R


Honda is having two different models in this segment known as CBR300R and CBR300R ABS. Price for both models are separate, though you can select the model according to your choice. The dissimilar feature among both bikes is just an ABS system. Rest everything is same in both models so, select any of the bikes and enjoy the long ride at good speed.

Technical specs: bike is having a 286 CC engine with liquid cooled cylinder. Apart ABS system rest everything is same in both models.

Honda CBR300R

2015 Honda CBR300R Price

Cost of bike has been always an important part because that is the only way people can prepare the budget and a selection of their bike. Cost for 2015 Honda CRB300R is between $4300 to $5000. The price will get little increased because of transportation and taxes of different states or cities.

If you go through accessories list of Honda you will be surprised that there are countless products that you can add to your bike. You can buy handle bars, fuel lid cover, tank pad, chain case, front fender, seat bag, narrow seat, and different color seat. Enhance the appearance of your 2015 Honda CBR300R with these accessories. I am sure its going grabs the attraction of every passerby once the bike is on the road.

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